Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Perfume

ralph lauren tender love

Imagine the last time you were leaving dinner and it all of a sudden decided to down pour.  Next thing you know, you and her are running hand-in-hand splashing through puddles desperately trying to get to the safety of the car.  But when you reach the car, it's nothing but smiles and laughter about what had just transpired.  You neglecting your wet clothes, her forgetting the running mascara--the laughter suddenly transitions to a kiss and embrace.

ralph lauren perfume

Falling leaves, rainy walks under an umbrella, or the sun peeking through the clouds during a sunset--there's a romantic mystique about winter and the holidays.   Like the story above, winter memories are built from the most unexpected moments.  Ralph Lauren Tender Romance celebrates the sweet and gentle moments of falling in love for the first time whether it's truly the first time falling in love, an anniversary, or a Tuesday date night.

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Remember the time when you realized she was the one.  Sure you remember when and where it was, but for once in your life, you can recant the black backless dress she was in, the exact table of the restaurant during the Spanish vacation, the smell of the lavender plants lining the garden you walked in, or the perfect way she looked at you when you told her "I Love You".  For those details, Tender Romance mimics those small details with fresh ginger, white magnolia, and soft cashmere.  It's not the overpowering scents or over-the-top celebrations that you recall, it's the subtleties that made you realize she was the one.

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