Friday, December 23, 2016

Bonobos Holiday Party: Shop The Look

 Bonobos Holiday Party
Shop The Look

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Have a holiday office party, family get together, or gathering with friends, but have no idea what to wear or don't want to worry about dressing for three different occurrences?   Not every occasion requires a suit and surely not every occasion necessitates a holiday sweater.  So is there a simple way to balance being overdressed with being under-dressed and still making the outfit work for any occasion?


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Bonobos has everything a guy needs to build the perfect versatile holiday outfit.  The idea is to choose basic articles that can easily be mixed and matched.  Start with pants and a simple top and the variety of looks can be built from there.  Chinos will be the most versatile item, whether with a simple button down or paired with a coat, the chino is the top multipurpose choice.  However, for winter, the number one option has to be the wool dress pant.  Comfortable, warm, and always a classic, the wool pant looks great on almost any body type.

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Build on the wool pant with a lightweight sweater and you've got the basics down.  From there, you can layer on a coat, add a shirt and tie, or leave the outfit alone.  The good thing about owning the basics is that you can modify it as needed or leave it alone.  The concepts we just built on will work for almost any type of holiday party and the items you scored during Bonobos' holiday sale will anchor your wardrobe year round. 

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