Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Travel Essentials: Barrington Watch Winder

Travel Essentials:
barrington watch winder
During my travels, it's a pain to keep my automatic watches running.  At home I just throw them into my winder that sits on my dresser, but lugging around a giant winder is not realistic.  Manually winding my watches everyday to keep them from dying is also as impractical.  
barrington watch winder
 Barrington Single Winder has been my solution for the past year.  Prior, my only solution was to manually wind my watches every night before bed so they would be ready for the next day.  The soft, adjustable cushion can accommodate pretty much any size watch or wrist size.  With a light-weight modern design, battery or plug operated, and multi-function rotation, this travel essential has been a staple during all of my travels. 
city of gentlemen

barrington watch winder

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NYFW: American Express Experience

NYFW: American Express Experience
In a week filled with show after show and an endless supply of extravagance, it would take a lot for any individual experience to stand out.  It only took day one to realize what American Express had in store for me.
 Day one and I was already on the run from show to show racking up the Manhattan pavement miles.  I reached the Lincoln Center for MBFW around noon time and was already beat up from the heat.  The last thing I wanted was to deal with the crowds and lines getting into the show.  I showed my American Express pass and the next thing I knew I was ushered away to a separate line with my own concierge.  Come with us they said and off I went up some stairs that opened up into the private lounge over-looking the main stage.  Open food, open bar, and a bird's eye view of the Marissa Webb SS15 show.  To top off the night, there was a private Q&A session with Meira Lavin of vente-privee. 

Day 2 of American Express couldn't possibly top day one.  Already running behind and missing my four o'clock deadline for Milk Studios and Tim Coppens, I was once again met with a line getting in.  I looked left and made the "am I supposed to be over there" look towards the American Express stand.  They waived me over and without hesitation threw a VIP badge over me and sent me up a private elevator.  From entrance to the final exit, I was never without a rep to help me get around.  

 Four rows up from the Tim Coppens' show was awesome enough, but it was everything that happened afterwards that truly made NYFW memorable.  After the show I was escorted to the private lounge where once again food, drinks, and an ever so needed place of peace from all the madness greeted me.  From the reception, to the style bar, to the personal Q&A with Tim Coppens, American Express kept on topping themselves.

 "Make sure you don't leave because we have another surprise for you."  At this point, my expectations were blown so I just went for the ride.  Again, private elevator up to another part of Milk Studios.  I was met with more amazing SS15 designs, but it was the view of the Hudson River as the sun was setting that really solidified this day as number one during NYFW.
Before I ramble on and on about the American Express experience, let me leave you with this story.  I was sitting in Laguardia Airport waiting for my flight home when again American Express contacted me.  They asked if I was flying out of Laguardia to which I replied yes.  "How would you like to wait in the American Express lounge?"  That was the lengths that the folks at American Express went to assure my work trip felt more like a vacation.  THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS.