Monday, June 2, 2014

Two Guys' Bowtie

The Two Guys' Bowtie
The Two Guys Bowtie

          Originality can be difficult to find in the world of fashion.  A designer may bring back a forgotten trend or put their own twist on a current style but true original concepts are rare.  African Zeebrawood, Peruvian Walnut, and South American Bocote.  No I'm not talking furniture but rather about two guys out of Oklahoma producing wood apparel.
          Wool, cotton, and silk.  Sure we've all heard of these classic clothing materials, but wood?  That's right, wood as in hard and non-pliable, the opposite of what we normally hear characterize clothing.  Developed in Oklahoma, it took two guys out of middle America with the love for fine craftsmanship and menswear to come up with the concept of combining exotic woods with old timeless classics such as the bowtie and lapel pins.  In a relative short time span, Two Guys'Bowtie has already received national attention from E!, James Wolpert of The Voice, and multiple members of the NBA (most famously Mike Conley's hat during 2014 NBA Playoffs).
          Not for the everyday chap, but if you're ready to venture into the original, then check out Two Guys' Bowtie.  Whether it's a simple lapel flower, a bowtie, or even a custom design piece, think wood next time you reach for an accessory.

Bowtie: c/o The Two Guys' Bowtie
Shirt: Express
Suit: Alfani
Shoes: Too Boot New York
Pocket Square: J Crew
Watch: Panerai
Clutch: Etro

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