Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gentlemen Traveler

     Traveling is like speed dating or a job interview.  Whether you're at the airport bar or waiting at the terminal for the flight, you or someone else is bound to strike up a conversation.  It's  these spontaneous conversations that make me wonder why some people think it's okay to travel in the same outfit that they went to bed in the previous night.  There’s no doubt that traveling can be arduous: TSA screenings, long flights, or uncomfortable seats.  But if you wouldn't wear the outfit on a day out or even to work, then traveling shouldn’t be a green light for wearing PJs out of the house.

     A travel outfit doesn't mean you need to sacrifice comfort.  Instead, it should be more of a compromise between style and functionality, as you certainly don’t want to deal with taking off several layers of clothing at the TSA line.  On the next red-eye or road trip, ditch the slim jeans for chinos, replace the lace-ups with loafers, and whenever possible, pack everything in a weekender.  On trips lasting less than a week, a weekender is my only bag—not only am I able to avoid check-in lines, but a bag adds a little bit of GQ to my outfit. 

Suit: John Varvatos
Shirt: Thanks Deo Veritas
Tie: J Crew
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger 
Accessories: Etro, Tateossian 


  1. What.. I can't believe you have no comments yet! What an awesome look on you. I love the suit, the gucci shoes, the bag...just everything! I can see my husband in this. Awesome look.


  2. Great and totally classy outfit Khanh. I simply don't know what to say anymore, your one stylish fella my friend.


  3. Very well put together. Wish you had more pics of the shirt. Been buying from Deo V since '09. Also, where's the mini tie bar from??

    1. I'll ad a close-up of the color and collar tonight. It's a great shirt. Tie bar is from The Tie Bar.