Monday, February 13, 2017

Gambino Alliance: Italian Footwear

Italian Footwear Meets Perfection

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Gambino Alliance was created with the idea that dress shoes should not only be stylish and of high quality, but also comfortable, durable and affordable. GA has created a shoe you’ll want to wear time and time again.  Footwear handcrafted to last long and look good. The luxury of premium Italian leathers, elegance & liquid-resistant properties.

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The design is focused around the appearance, use of quality materials and the luxurious comfort. Made with carefully selected leathers, the beautiful designs are attractive in their simplicity, giving you something unique.  The suede is treated with the highest quality liquid-repellant, allowing for the product to remain soft to the touch, yet withstanding the impact of unfavorable weather. The strengthened elastic bands on the Chelsea provide a high level of ankle support.

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Comfortable and sleek, this boot is characterized by an elastic gusset on the side.  Many Chelsea boots lack long-lasting comfort, strength, durability and liquid-repellent properties, forcing you to replace them all too frequently. With Gambino Alliance, you now have long lasting comfort and dedicated construction, providing you with a shoe that is built for durability and timeless style.

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