Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Woodzee Sunglasses

woodzee sunglasses

Woodzee is a California based brand that embodies the California free spirit.  Started by a scrappy group looking to offer customers a new way to shop and create products that combine Style and Nature, they have not detoured from that mission and still remain a small and close knit team.

city of gentlemen

Pride, passion, and customer service are at the forefront of the Woodzee brand.  This is evident in there discounts offered to students and the Recycle Program which offers 40% off your next pair of sunglasses.  Inspired by California's forests and coastlines, the sunglasses are updates on the traditional styles.  Wood frames add a rugged and utilitarian feel that make these sunglasses meant to be worn and adventured in.  With every scratch, stain, and sun-fade, there will be a story to be told with your Woodzee sunglasses.

woodzee sunglasses

Check Woodzee's entire line for both men and women.  Also now offering accessories and watches.

woodzee sunglasses

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