Friday, March 25, 2016

Banana Republic

banana republic

Spring is right around the corner, so it's almost time to put away the heavy jackets and unpack the lighter items.  Let Banana Republic be all things inspirational in our warm weather attire.

city of gentlemen

First step is choosing a pair of pants that is light-weight but at the same time can be worn during a casual lunch or a sit-down dinner.  The Aiden Slim Drawcord Pant has the look of a chino, but feels and breathes like linen.  The slim cut allows for the pant legs to be worn long or rolled up for a casual look.  

banana republic

Second step is pairing a just as versatile shirt.  Tee's are an easy choice for the warm weather but reach for a short-sleeved button-down that will give the freedom of a tee, but not make the spring attire too casual.  Choose a solid color or a bold print, the options are endless.

city of gentlemen

Lastly, there's nothing more important than a pair of comfortable shoes.  Sure we want to wear a pair of leather loafers or lace-ups at all times, but functionality has to reign supreme sometimes.  The Shawn Suede Slip-on is perfect for tackling the concrete miles.  Despite being camo-print, the deep blue color will blend with any outfit.  The 100% leather upper and rubber outsole with keep the feet cool and comfortable no matter the weather or conditions.

The difficult part about summer is the fine balance between comfort and style.  The pragmatist in us wants to be in shorts and sandals all day long, but the inner stylist screams for a button.  So how do we balance form and function?  It's the ability to choose the right fabric such as linen and light cottons and adapting it to the items we already wear.  Chinos are great for hot weather, but linen chinos are even better.  A cotton tee will keep us cool, but a cotton button-down can be worn during the day or night.  And the slip-on, well there's really no disputing their form or function. 

Disclaimer: Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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