Friday, July 17, 2015

Costa Rica: Le Club Swimwear

city of gentlemen

Vibrant Miami...A splash of colors, shapes and artistic images come together and create a masterpiece. 
Suddenly, colors become more vibrant. Music gets louder, latin dancing explodes...

city of gentlemen

From the lush beaches of Miami and the spirited streets of Ocean Drive, Le Club introduces a swimwear line inspired by the city, and its people. 

A sense of pride and family, while containing the spice and sexiness of South Beach. Each swimsuit a canvas, portraying the symbols, tone, and passion of the Latin world, mixed with the urban flavors of Lincoln Road.
From Cancun to Ibiza, Rio to Havana-- this swimwear line is tailored for the extravagant and exotic lifestyle of the people who wear it. 

Rich artistic embroideries allow you to feel the patterns, the design and textures… Bringing the color and fiesta, the sea and the sun…back to the beaches in the classiest way.

Join the vibrant revolution.
Join the club.
Join Le Club.

le club

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