Thursday, March 26, 2015

Class Pass: Sacramento

class pass sacramento

In a go-go-go world and pursuit of all things new, Class Pass is the solution to the person who needs variety and change.  As a traveler and a person who suffers from needing constant change to keep my interest I'm rarely in the gym for more than thirty minutes.  It's not that I don't like working out, but with limited time and the monotony of doing the same bench presses and squats every day, it's just difficult to keep my attention.  With coast to coast memberships and a growing number of participating studios, working out has never been the same.

I used to go to a standard gym for general convenience, a spin club for my cycling needs, and a yoga studio for relaxation.  Not only was that costly, but juggling three different memberships was also a chore.  For $79-99/month, Class Pass gives you access to dozens of boutique studios (city dependent).  Kick boredom and muscle memory in the butt by going to a different studio everyday or stay with your favorite studio.

I'm proud to announce Class Pass has launched in Sacramento.  Head over to the site for a full line-up of participating studios.  Click on the image below to sign up now for just $79 or choose a one week pass to experience Class Pass.

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