Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Art of Shaving and Lacoste

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

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e men don't expect anything for this holiday as Valentine's Day is more for the ladies in our lives.  Having said that, buying a gift for the man in your life can be more difficult than us shopping for you guys.  There's an abundance of ads and commercials helping us decipher what women want but ladies, you pretty much have to go it alone.  Below are some items to inspire your shopping.

valentines day gift for men

The Art of Shaving

othing makes a man feel more like a man than a good old-fashioned shave.  There are four elements to the perfect shave: 1) soften the beard, 2) lather up, 3) good razor, and 4) moisturize.  The Art of Shaving's all in one kits are the perfect solution to a man's shaving needs.  Built on tradition and the essence of shaving, they have brought back the touch and feel of shaving eliminated by the electric shaver.  

the art of shaving

valentine's gift for men

the art of shaving


valentine's gift for men

ologne like perfume is a popular gift but unless you know your significant other well, it's a hard gift to pull off.  Everyone has their own personal favorites and what you may like on someone else may not smell as good on the person you're buying it for as natural body odors and oils can drastically alter the scent of a cologne.  Eau de Lacoste is a fun an easy way to buy cologne for the man in your life.  From light and refreshing to earthy and woodsy, purchasing the entire line or a pair of your favorites will satisfy even the pickiest of men. 

lacoste cologne

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