Tuesday, February 17, 2015

John Wall Interview: Sean John Dream Big Campaign

Sean John Dream Big:

John Wall
sean john dream big

 Between the NBA All-Star weekend and New York Fashion Week, all the big names descended into NYC.  Whether it's Lebron James in his Tom Ford suit and Audemar Piguet watch or Russell Westbrook in his eccentric urban style and frameless glasses, athletes and fashion have gone hand in hand.  So it was the perfect storm when both the athletic world and the fashion world descended into the city considered the Mecca for both.

sean john dream big

Sean John has been a staple in urban men's wear since 1999, but since signing on with Macy's to be the exclusive US department retailer, they've also brought on suits and fine tailoring.  John Wall, NBA point guard for the Washington Wizards, joins the Sean John family to continue their commitment to the urban young male and fine tailoring. 

I sat down with John to discuss not only about being an ambassador for Sean John but his style in general.  He first joined Sean John because of their close relationship with sports.  John said, "Sean John has always been about never stopping and for guys to fulfill their dreams," which is what he believes in.  Sean John noticed that he went to a lot of fashion shows and events so they wanted him to put his stamp on their line.  It was hard for him to sum up his style in three words.  "I just do me.  No matter if people like it or not, as long as I feel comfortable in it, I do me."  It's funny, the fashion community hates being asked that type of question but we always ask  anyways.  Like most people with great style and personal identity, it's the hardest question to answer as style comes naturally and it's hard for them to explain why they make the choices they make.  

sean john dream big

Staying with Sean John's commitment to fine tailoring, John stated his favorite part of the line were the suits.  It's slim cut and euro inspired.  The brand is keeping up with how guy's want to dress now but still keeping the essence of Sean John and staying relevant.  Mentioning guys like Russell Westbrook, he states it's all about having your own identity and dressing how you want; the epitome of Sean John and their brand.

Between the Sean John event and All-Star Weekend, this was all about giving back to the fans and also his family.  He emphasized that without the fans, he wouldn't be where he was today and it was also a chance to share this honor with his family.  I asked if he had a piece of clothing that he'd never get rid of, he joked that he had just gotten rid of it.  John is always clearing out his closet and giving it to his family.  The interview always turned back to how he wants to give back to his community and maintaining a good image.  To sum up his partnership with Sean John and what Dream Big means to him, the question of "what is your number one rule," came up.  The question was specifically geared to style but the direction John took it helped identify what the Sean John Dream Big campaign really means.  John stated that his number one rule was, "Always praise god but never satisfy."

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