Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grooming: Beard and Face

Looking and feeling good goes well beyond style and having nice clothes.  Upkeep of mind, body, and soul are just as important if not more.  Style and clothes will come and go, but your body will always be there and the body is what you make of it.  Men's grooming products have seen a renaissance as of late, but the stigma of loosing ones "Manliness" if he uses oils, lotions, and other products is still a prominent state of mind for many men.

Ever since I started growing my beard, my routine has gotten a little more extensive but caring for myself rarely takes more than a couple minutes.  Below are two of my go-to face and beard products.

If not for yourself then do it for the lady you are trying to impress.  Ladies will agree when I say that nothing is more of a turn-on than a man with great hair and soft skin. 

ØÅ: Ø (pronounced “oo”) and Å (pronounced “oh”)

     Birchbox "For those of you who appreciate the mattifying effect of a good moisturizer, the idea of putting oil on your face may seem a bit off-putting. But this lightweight, 100% botanical blend absorbs easily into skin and won’t leave behind any greasy residue whatsoever. Think of it like a wheat grass shot for your mug—it contains a slew of super ingredients that nourish, repair cellular damage, and prevent acne. And that’s all in addition to keeping your mug properly hydrated."

men's grooming

stubble & 'stache

     Birchbox "While you may be delighted with your newfound beard, those bristles can come with serious drawbacks. Chief among them: itch and irritation. This unique product doubles down on your moisturizing routine, using plant-based ingredients to hydrate your skin while also softening your scruff. The result is a hardworking treatment that will keep your face in form, whether your beard is long, short, or gone for the summer."
men's grooming
     Birchbox "Sometimes the key to a quality clean is found in most unlikely ingredients. This ebony bar of soap comes infused with bamboo charcoal, which happens to work as a gentle, natural cleanser, purging skin of impurities and toxins. It lathers up a smoky gray, but don’t worry: You’ll rinse off clean and crisp as a fresh, green shoot."


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