Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Style with Stone Rose

The refinements that make the man

     Blazers and suit pieces are often the most tailored articles of clothing and that's the reason I have often stated that the tailor should be your best friend.  Rarely can I find a blazer that fits perfectly out of the bag because they are made for a wide range of body types.  However, Stone Rose 100% wool blazer was fitted perfectly right off the hanger.  The combination of classic lines with modern details such as subtle contrast stitching and double lapel slits adds just enough style to fit any man.  A fall-plaid shirt by Stone Rose adds style and comfort to an outfit that works just as well at work as it does on a night out. 

stone rose clothing

     When mixing blazers with slacks, I stay away from matching the pieces because attempting to match makes it appear as though I'm trying to pass it off as a matching suit set.

city of gentlemen

     Don't be afraid to pair pattern on pattern.  If I'm wearing a large print shirt, then I go with a minimal print tie and vice versa.

men's fashion

men's style

Jacket: Stone Rose
Shirt: Stone Rose
Pants: ASOS
Tie: J Crew
Shoes: Rogue
Accessories: The Tie Bar, JM Dickens, Denison Boston

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  1. Love your style! Super cool and unique