Friday, October 4, 2013

The New Vintage featuring Modern Renaissance Man, Woolrich, & Too Boot New York

     One of my favorite styles come from vintage 1920's: inspired by heavy fabrics, perfectly fitted suits, and amazing accessories.  Boardwalk empire, The Great Gatsby, and Lawless have really brought this era of dress to the forefront.  

     Fall is a great season for 1920's style but it's the details that distinguishes vintage from a simple blazer and pants look.  A collar pin and up-cycled handkerchief and lapel pin (courtesy of Modern Renaissance Man) made it appear as though this outfit was stolen directly off the back of a 1920's bootlegger.

1920s style

vintage style

city of gentlemen


modern renaissance man

Collar Pin:Handkerchief:Lapel Pin:: Modern Renaissance Man
Hat: Woolrich
Jacket: Zara
Pants: J Crew
Shirt: B.D. Studio
Shoes: Too Boot New York
Tie: Original Penguin

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  1. i love this look! how i wish we would all dress up like this all the time.