Monday, February 23, 2015

Swims Galoshes

Swims Galoshes

 New York Fashion Week in February can be rough.  It's difficult enough running around downtown Manhattan, but throw in bone-chilling cold, wind, and snow and this city will truly test the toughest of New Yorkers.

Whether going to work at the office or attending fashion events, it is not an option to dress down according to the weather.  It would be ideal to put on thick thermals and hiking boots, but the reality of work life doesn't allow that.

Fine leather work shoes take a beating during the winter months.  Swims Galoshes protect those valuable shoes without taking away from the styling.  Simply slide them over the shoes when out and about and then simply take them off and put them in the provided carrying case.  Choose from everyday colors to bold ones such as camo or bright orange.

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