Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Allegory Goods: The Macana Bag

the macana bag

Style and fashion is one thing, but when design meets social-responsibility and supports a good cause, I'm all in to lend support.  Although my style spans different eras, I'm an old soul and will always lean on vintage and classic.  Whether it's wearing a mechanical timepiece to tell time rather than using a cell phone or making everyone put away their cell phones at dinner, there's just some things I won't negotiate.  The Macana Bag is that perfect combination of new and old, functional and beautiful.

the macana bag

Ecuadorian sourced leather, hand-made textile, and a commitment to the people  of Ecuador and their history are some of the things that brought me to The Macana BagOutside of Cuenca, Ecuador, high in the Andes mountains, Jose and Anna Jimenez are working to keep an Incan tradition alive. They are weavers, primarily making a traditional shawl called the macana - a staple of the region's heritage. It’s hand-woven using handmade looms, the dyes are made from rocks, plants and bugs harvested from their property, and the patterns are symbols of indigenous life in Ecuador.  Allegory partnered with Pro Ecuador to preserve these traditions by incorporating the macana into modern products, reinvesting a portion of sales back to the artisans and providing guidance and mentorship to grow.  Pro Ecuador is an organization that creates international business opportunities for Ecuadorian companies and bringing investment to Ecuador.  

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The Macana Bag is a functional minimalist bag that works just as well in the office as it does on the streets.  Choose your bag, your leather, and your choice of macana designs and the options are endless and personal.   It will be a piece that lives with you through rain, snow, and anything else--the bag will age as you do.  When it's time, pass it down to the next generation and The Macana Bag will be a time-capsule of stains, scratches, and tears, each with its own story.  And if ever it does need mending, Allegorywill repair it for free because they feel "When you put your heart into something, you never want to see it get thrown away."

Show your support for a great brand, product, and cause.  Help them reach their Kickstarter goal as there's only a few days left.

the macana bag

the macana bag

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