Thursday, May 22, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide: Vince Camuto Homme
Pampering Pops This Year!!!
            Mother's Day equals jewelry, clothes, and flowers but Father's day usually equates to beer and BBQ.  Where in the history of parental celebrations did fathers get the short end of the stick?  It's not often, but we men like to be pampered as well and it's not asking for too much that one day out of the year we receive nice stuff as well.  This Father's Day lets ditch the typical bottle of liquor and think of dad as a stylish fashion-forward man.
            With the help of Vince Camuto Homme, pops is going to finish off 2014 smelling amazingly.
            A European paradise is unveiled with a spritz of the seductive Vince Camuto Homme Eau de Toilette for men. Part woodsy with notes of cedar and pine, this fragrance also carries touches of comforting lavender and just-sweet-enough juniper. The scent will liven your spirit and whisk you away to a land of beloved scents and gorgeous landscape. A place you will always want to be, a scent you will always want to wear.

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