Monday, April 28, 2014

Tailor 4 Less x Birchbox

I've had the pleasure to work with quite a few custom shirt companies but I can say without hesitation that Tailor 4 Less has to be one of the best.  From the fit to the numerous options of customization, their shirts are hard to beat.  I'm fortunate to have a great tailor that knows my measurements so inputting my measurements for the shirt was easy.  However if you don't know your sizing--find a competent tailor to take Tailor 4 Less' eight recommended measurements and within a week or so you'll find yourself wearing a bespoke shirt.
It was good timing that my buddies over at Birchbox sent this classic Nick Graham tie.  I wanted to do the shirt justice by highlighting it without overshadowing it.  By combining a shirt and tie with a double breasted blazer--the timeless look is maintained while the colored chinos modernizes the look and makes it more spring appropriate.
Let me know what you guys think and make sure to visit Tailor 4 Less and Birchbox.
Custom pink stitching on sleeve buttons.

Shirt: c/o Tailor 4 Less
Tie: Nick Graham c/o Birchbox
Pants: Dockers
Belt: J Crew
Jacket: Zara
Tie Clip: The Tie Bar
Bracelet: c/o Bobby Pin Jewelry
Pocket Square: J Crew
Shoes: Cole Haan

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