Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Chic with Floral Hat and Black Tee

     This past week has been killer with 100+ degree weather.  The last thing anyone wants to do is go out, but if you must, then staying cool and comfortable is the name of the game.  However, it's difficult to dress cool without looking too casual because to dress for hot weather typically entails shorts and a t-shirt.  There's nothing wrong with shorts and a tee, but it's good to have variety during the hot season.

     To balance comfort with style, I paired slim cargos with a slouchy deep-V tee and a floral cap.  The slouchy tee is a great versatile piece that blends comfort and style while the floral cap added a little edge and shade from the summer sun.

Hope everyone had a great and safe Fourth of July.  Thanks as always for reading.

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Shirt: Save Khaki
Pants: Joe's
Hat: Zara
Shoes: Ted Baker
Belt: J Crew
Accessories: Tateossian