Friday, January 25, 2013

::Brown on Brown::

     I recently got a great carpenter bag thanks to Wood & Faulk.  I stumbled over this little leather company from Portland, Oregon a while back and have loved their stuff ever since.  Matt's leather goods should cost 10 times what he charges, but "sshhh," don't tell him.

     This whole wardrobe was inspired by a rugged urban theme.

     The leather jacket went well with the dipped leather bag.  I toned downed the urban look with a hipster style sparrow print polo.

     Distressed boots melded the urban theme.  I'm not really a fan of baggy jeans, but can't go skinny with boots.  Think slim through waste and thighs, but choose a larger leg opening for boots.

     The quality on this bag is simply amazing.  I didn't include more pics, but this bag actually opens like a carpenter bag and has stainless foot pads to protect the bottom.  This is actually a workman's bag, just with style.

Men style fashion blog

     The color block scarf added visual interest and broke up the browns.

Men style fashion blog

Bag: Thanks Wood & Faulk
Jeans: J Crew
Jacket: Bod & Christensen
Shirt: Topman
Shoes: JD Fisk
Scarf: Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown
Belt: Lacoste

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