Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Street Sense

So I just bought these super cute boots when I was over in Texas. They are basically Eastland style winter boots, but with a little street edge to them. Remember that street doesn't mean baggy. Keep everything fitted and streamlined. I’ve been wanting to shoot this great graffiti wall in Sacramento so here’s inspiration all around the new boots. Click on each picture for details and fashion credits.

Men style fashion blog

Men style fashion blog

Show off that you don't follow rules. Tie bar is actually what 
retailers use to hold together the folds on button down shirts.

And we get to the inspiration. Solid black work-rain boots, but because it's a dull black, 
it lends itself to street rather than dress. Throw the cuffs up to show 'em off.

Men style fashion blog

With street style, it's all about not worrying if something is out of place. If the collar pops, leave it. 
If jean cuffs are uneven, who cares?

 I needed some type of color, but still keep the street edge. What better way then to accessorize with gold. I absolutely love the vintage gold digital Casio. It's a great contrast between luxury and vintage.

Jacket: Civil Society
Shirt: Ben Sherman
Jeans: Seven
Tie: J Crew
Shoes: Lacoste
Bag: John Varvatos Star USA

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